Anonymous asked:

youngest you'd date?

Uhm. Highschool is my limit. For many reasons I actually get quite annoyed by people who date highscoolers as adults, its just not a fair relationship. So lowest of low would be uhm ugh I guess if they were mature/adult, not living at home and studying or working, 17. But I ‘ugh’ at the thought of it just because, still highschool age.

atio asked:

Poopy poopy poop you are cool

hehehe Tim, earlier today when I was strolling around trying to find you I said I was playing a game called ‘Finding Tim’ then I remembered I legitimately used to play that game. One of my best friends in 1st/2nd year (British study abroad) was called Tim and used to hide when he was stoned sometimes. And we’d notice his absence and lurch into ‘Finding Tim’, who was actually very damn good at hiding in our compact flat. We’d eventually find him standing behind a curtain or something, once he was crouched beside the couch we’d been sitting on the whole time. Sometimes all we had to do was follow the sound of his giggling.